Second week of radiation is behind me, hooray! So far, no side effects have settled in yet, but they said it would be the beginning of next week before I see any change. I have been tired much more this week, but Im not sure if I just tired from getting up earlier for radiation or actual radiation.

My new rhythm in the morning, is leaving my house at 8am. Its a short drive, thankfully, to the cancer center. Since my appointment is shortly after the center opens, there is close parking spots. Small joys in life, a closer parking spot is one of them when I have to go to the cancer center everyday. I walk up to the cancer center, the nice lady at the front desk of the waiting room, hands me a number. I take a seat and wait for my number to be called for one of the 5 ladies who man the check in desks. They all are very kind, and at this point of seeing them everyday, I dont even have to say my name to the nice check in ladies. I just have to confirm my birthday, which around the cancer center is like your ID number. Once Im checked in, they had me a pager and I sit back in the waiting area, waiting for my pager to go off. Once my pager goes off, I drop it in the pager basket as I walk to the elevators to take it down to the basement level. Once downstairs, I walk down a long hall, to a hall of dressing rooms. I get my pick from any of the open doors. I get into a robe, once dressed (or undressed depending how you look at it) and open my dressing room door and wait for one of the therapists to get me. Once the therapists calls my name, I walk up to their desk, which is right before the radiation room, they grab me a warm blanket as they ask me to verify my name and date of birth. We walk into the radiation room, get into my mold on the radiation table, they line me up according to measurements pretaken and my tattoos. The therapists walk out of the room to their desk and we all wait for the doctor to come and confirm I am good for radiation. Then the therapists come back in, my table moves a little more, then the machine rotates around me, getting into position on my left side. Im in there for about 10 minutes alone, only being radiated for about 3 minutes during that time. After radiation is done, they therapist come back in, they lower my table and help me up. I walk back to my dressing room and put on my gel to prevent my skin from looking like a sun burn (so far so good). Then I get dressed up, then walk back to the elevator, back to the first floor and walk to my chair.

Heres a little two part video of me leaving my appointment this week.

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