Today at work started out like every last Tuesday of the month, where we have a staff meeting that takes up the first part of the day until lunch, which is kindly provided (and usually awesome). There had been a plan in today’s staff meeting to spotlight the Senior pastor since this month marks the 20th year of his time at the church. All month long he has been celebrated by different ministries assigned to different days. We put glow-sticks in his front yard that formed a 20. We are after all, in youth ministry. He should be thankfully it wasn’t forks.

At our meeting today the agenda got “hijacked” that instead of a staff member sharing her testimony like the agenda said, that the pastor would come up and be asked questions that had been submitted by the staff. Sitting there listening to him answer questions on the spot was great. I could not answer questions as well as he did, ever. Not only where his answers good, they were quite humble and well as interesting. His wife joined him part of the way through it so she was too in the hot seat. I always love hearing from the wife because after all I am a women and want to hear the women’s perspective. And as the saying goes, behind every great man there is usually a great women. It was nice to hear her honestly answers life as a pastor’s wife. They shared the good, the bad and the ugly of ministry which I appreciated so much.

While of course this was a time to celebrate the story this pastor has told with his life at the church these past 20 years, it was also to show what God has done in his life. He answers kept pointing back to this , but not in way that felt he had to because he was a pastor. No, he did because he truly felt with his voice trembling and tears forming that this is where God had called him and his family to do God’s work. And how warm his heart feels to be apart of the community that makes up this church. Its not everyday you get time to sit and listen to someone’s story in such a way, as he may of hated the attention, I am so thankful to have that time this morning in the mist of my work day.

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