Its been a lovely weekend, enjoying being and feeling normal. Seeing out of town friends, going to church and community group, feeling as if nothing has ever happened. Other than being around my friends kiddos and not being able to hold them, thats a hard thing. Children can bring such joy by a simple hug. I smile at their sweet giggles from a distance and wash my hands afterwards. Even with a delightful weekend, round two of treatment looms over me come Wednesday. Emily, who is going with me, may have to take me kicking and screaming. Actually, chemo isnt bad at all, its a nice experience with a comfy chair, a friend by my side, nurses who are kind and even food if I want it. Its the aftermath of the drugs that worries me. Thankfully, in lieu of my Mom not being here, my dear friends are on hand Thursday and Friday while Jason is at work during the day in case things do go as badly as they did first round. I dont expect for a 9 day recovery like last time, but more like 5. Im taking half the amount of steroids from here on out, so that should help some, but these drugs have a hard job to do, so I have to let them do it, even if that means a rough week. Im told I will get more and more tired as time goes on (the more treatments I have). I think I can handle being tired (I love me some sleep) but if I feel this good between treatments I think I can do this. The way Im thinking about this is after Wednesday, I only have 4 more treatments to do. A countdown makes it easier to focus on actually going to chemo and getting rid of this cancer.

On the hair front, every day I loose more and more. So far my hair doesnt look different if you look at me but it comes out more and more as days goes on. My friend Jon who normally cuts our hair is ready to help me do whatever I want to do. He did encourage me to hang onto my hair as long as I can, which was nice to hear. I dont know how much more hair can come out before I will be able to tell a difference. I was told that a lot of women shave their heads once hair starts to fall out because it just gets everywhere. That I do understand, but so far I still find it pretty manageable. I just have to stop playing with my hair so I stop having handfuls to find somewhere to dispose of when Im out.

Photo Apr 22, 12 03 39 PM
(Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
This is the amount of hair that comes out during my normal morning routine. Its more like the second pile of hair since around the same about of hair comes out in the shower as well. And this a little bit more over the day goes on. I thought I had thin hair to begin with, I just dont understand where it is all coming from. I expected it to come out more so after the second treatment, so Im not sure I will start to see bald spots after Wednesday. And Im still in okay spirits about loosing my hair, but then again I still have it.

Im beyond thankful and still amazed of the generosity of our friends. We have meals coming to us three days a week and they are so yummy. Friends have been mowing our yard these past two weekends. Friends are coming this coming weekend to clean our house. We are certainly having a hard time receiving such care, we like to be the helpers. But its something we are learning to accept during this season of our life because if it was any one of our friends, we’d want to do the same. Its been said to me that this is bigger than me, that other peoples lives will be effected by my having cancer. Im a big believer in community, so if I do believe it, I have to let others into our lives. At the same time, I wouldnt want to walk this journey without our friend’s, near and far, love. So thank you friends and family, for taking such good care of us in so many different ways. We do not have the words to thank you, but we do thank you for your love and support.

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