These past few days the return of the watery eyes and runny nose have returned. My eyes are a bit swollen and worn because the tears come easy as some dear friends of mine found out their 10 month old little boy, Watts, has leukemia. Jason and I were never mad about my cancer, but we are mad upon hearing of Watts’. People say I am too young to have cancer, well then, Watts is certainly too young. He hasn’t even gotten to celebrate his first birthday yet. These are the friends who dropped what they were doing to pick us up on diagnosis day . They were the friends who prayed the prayers we couldn’t pray. They jumped in and gathered support for us. Now in the mist of our journey, its our turn to walk along side them which we do without thinking a second thought. Sadly, we know too well the fog they are in, the sea of questions and doctors and decisions they have to make. I have some choice words for cancer. Enough people in our small community has had cancer thrust into their life without warning. I yell at cancer “MOVE ON. We’ve had a enough of you!” I dont know where I land on spiritual warfare with all this, but it feels like something is happening along those lines. Taking our community and shaking it till worlds are upside down. Ive had an angry conversation with God about Watts. I know He listens and is patient with me as I work through my emotions. I know God did not give Watts this, but its completely madding that this sweet little boy has to endure this. That his parents have to sit helpless by and trust their son is being taken care of by doctors they just meet. Thankfully, I do not doubt the same community that showed so much love and support will do the same for this family. These people never grow tired of caring for one another, and that is a beautiful thing to see. The church, being the church.

(If you wish to pray and follow Watt’s story, you can at his blog, Clouds of Mercy )

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So sad to hear. 🙁 I never really understood just how terrible cancer is until I watched my 80+ year old granddaddy go through it several years ago. It’s just awful for anyone… especially for a precious little baby. I will be praying for him and his family. Cancer is just a beast. And it’s totally appropriate to just be freaking angry at it.

June 3, 2013 9:08 am

My feeling, ever since Alisa called telling us she had been diagnosed is:

June 8, 2013 11:20 am

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