This morning started off right by Oliver letting me sleep in. What a very good kitty. He must of known it was my birthday and I had the morning off from Starbucks. Isnt he cute when its not before 6am in the morning? I think so.

29: oliver

I also woke up to a lot of notifications on my phone from Facebook, letting me know of people who were wishing me a Happy Birthday! Facebook is a wonderful thing on your birthday (its 9pm as I write this and over 100 people have wished me Happy Birthday – that’s pretty awesome).

29: facebook

The snow we got on Monday afternoon has now turned to ice, closing schools for days. Our driveway and yard were covered in ice/snow but wasnt going to keep me inside another day. It was nice to be snowed in on Jason’s birthday but we couldnt take two days of that.

29: driveway

29: backyard

First and only real plan of the day was to have “brunch” with Kari and by extension Mike and Atticus. Nice leisurely morning so I kinda missed any of the places serving hot breakfast, so second best thing, croissants and strawberries with coffee (and tea for me).

29: brunch

Most of my day was spent with Kari and Atticus on the couch keeping warm from the wind and ice outside. It was a lovely relaxing day with them.

29: alisa and atticus

29: atticus, alisa and kari

This photo makes me laugh since Mike wasnt sure if I wanted Atticus in the photo. Of course I do! Who wouldnt?

29: alisa and kari

Being my birthday fell on a Wednesday this year and Wednesdays is when youth group is, it was going to be the first birthday ever I would work on my birthday. Its like Im a real grown up or something. I was okay with that since I really like my job and the kids would make it fun. However, due to the ice out we had to cancel tonight. I did go into the office for a couple of hours even though I kinda feel like Im on an extended vacation due to weather. When I got to work, my boss had gotten me an awesome birthday card

29: modern card

Modern Family! Phil talks when you open it up about crazy gifts. Very awesome.

I went back to visit Atticus some more since Jason was still in class. Atticus woke up for the first time all day. It was nice to see his lovely blue eyes again.

29: atticus

29: atticus

Once Jason got out of class he wanted to take me to a fun birthday dinner since we didn’t think we’d get the evening together. He took me to the Melting Pot for the full on courses. Cheese! Meat! Veggies! Chocolate!

29: fondue

29: fondue

All and all, a very good day to celebrate turning 29. (For the first time ;))

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