My friend Emily wrote about 20 Things she learned in 2014. She does this each month, which I love this concept of looking back and remembering what you learned. Most of the time I dont think Im really “learning” anything, rather than being reminded of something. But really, thats totally not true. Thanks for the idea and encouragement to share what I have learned in 2014, Emily!

5 Things I Learned in 2014

1:Sign Language.
Picking up another language for me has never been easy, so when I went on a missions trip to Jamaica in April where we stayed in a deaf community, I learned a little bit of sign language. With me returning there this upcoming April, I am refreshing my sign language and really love learning it.

2: I own the title of ‘foodie’.
This label feels a bit like calling myself a hipster, as in, you dont call yourself these things, other people call you them. Otherwise you think too much of yourself or something. I dont feel like Im an expert of food, but I do know what food I love and who in town has the best. Enough people ask us where to eat, so Im officially owning the title of foodie.

3:To make pasta.
Jason and I saved our credit card points for a food processor. Upon getting a food processor I went to Pinterest for the new ways I could now cook and the number one thing that came up was pasta recipes. Fresh pasta is easy to make, taste delicious and rather impressive if I do say so myself.

4:The Hour
is the best unwatched show to come out of the BBC. Think The Office meets Mad Men. Wonderful characters and story-lines. Sadly, it was cancelled after only two seasons and it ends thinking there would be a third. Totally worth watching, which you can do if you have Amazon Prime.

5:I dont like to be silly.

Im not sure what it is in me, but its very hard for me to make a fool of myself. Even with people who I would say I am totally comfortable with. As I found myself in situations this year where I was to do something silly in front of people, I was like, uh no that’s dumb. It wasn’t until the Christmas dance for youth group where I ignored the part of me who said “Don’t dance, you’ll look silly” and danced. I realized that 2015 I may have to practice being more silly because its fun and good for me.

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Yes, I vote for more silly!

January 6, 2015 4:20 pm

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