There is a wonderful little Advent app (simply called “Advent Devotion” free on iTunes if you wish to have it) with a daily scripture, reflection on that scripture and a prayer. On the the first day of Advent, the prayer is one I find myself returning to and I thought I’d share it with you all this Advent season:

“God, with you there is always hope. You are in the business of bringing hope in the midst of hopelessness. Sometimes I feel hopeless. Sometimes the darkness seems to envelope my life. Yet, this advent I choose to remember the hope I have in Jesus. He has overcome evil. He has crafted an eternal story of hope that has been written into the pages of my own life.”

This past year, I learned a lot about hope. It was the theme of my song through out the hard days. Unknown to me until recently that one of the words that is mostly associated with cancer is hope. Its hard to admit that there were hours I felt hopeless, there was certainly times in the beginning of this year that I did. My world had been taken, shaken and turned upside down it felt like. Now, on the other side of it all, it feels a lot less hopeless of course. Its wonderful to have such a tangible picture of hope that Jesus promises on days that feel like there is little hope.

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