Just got back from the MRI. Mornings have been the roughest emotionally so far (probably cause Im not a morning person so my emotions are high) but I was good until the IV. The nurse/lady who did the MRI, she was, strictly professional. Which you know, is fine, except I need a little compassion right now. I told her I was fearful of getting an IV since I never gotten one before. Making to sure to ask a lot of questions I said, is it in my hand or in my arm? She said we prefer the arm and I said, I do too. I told her I was fearful of needles, she said who isnt. Already I was like, okay lady, work with me here Im telling you my fears. So, my veins are not helpful, I know that and told her. And when she put it in and it hurt, and then she put water in it still hurt, I told her, she took it out. And it stung for a while after and I got teary. My worst fear, the IV was coming true. She got another lady, Deb, to do it instead. Deb was WONDERFUL. So kind and said she was sorry to be meeting me in this place and she’d say an extra pray for me. She tired on my other arm and it didnt hurt but it didnt go (tiny veins) and she was so so so sorry that she bursed me (it hurts now but since she was so kind I was fine). She then said she would use a pediatric needle on me (fine by me!) and both times Deb sticked me it didnt hurt at all. I want her all the times. I started to cry and she said she was sorry for hurting me and I said it didnt hurt but that mornings have just been hard. She gave me a big hug and said “God be with you.” Then I was barely out of the IV hole, giving my friend who came with me a hug and crying, blowing my hole when not-sensitive-nurse returns and told me to come back.

So I got in the MRI room and she helped me get into position, which was not uncomfortable like I though. I was covered mostly, just my breasts hanging below but they didnt feel like they were hanging. My head in was in rest where my nose and mouth had big open spaces for me to breath ease. I was told me it would sound like robots attacking and it did but then that was funny to me and I had to keep from laughing. It went by a lot faster than I thought it would. Over all, MRI, totally fine. IV, NO!

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