Today has been overwhelming and sad again. Feels the closest to Friday (when we got the bad news) since Friday emotionally.

We meet with a surgeon today who gave us A LOT of information. With saying that, they still dont have all the tests back, which is frustrating. I thought we’d go in today being given a lot of answers and a plan. We were just told more information on what they have found and options thus far.

So, the second tumor is sorta attached if I am remembering correctly. And thus far my lymph nodes have not been in effected which is very good as of right now. It hasnt gone anywhere. However, the team of doctors who looked at my case this morning at this point is recommending chemo first in hopes to shrink the tumor. Being that I thought I would just have surgery and radiation, now it sounds like chemo first, Im pretty bummed out about that. But sometimes chemo shrinks it gone. So the reasoning behind chemo first made me come around to the idea but still bummed (really, its loosing my hair that makes me really sad).

Next steps are to meet with an oncologist to talk about all these options, which will be Monday morning. The surgeon did say along with meeting the oncologist the next step is getting genetic testing to see if I carry the cancer gene. And if I do, that would probably effect what we decided to do.

Options he talked to us about is removing the lump and chemo. Removing the whole breast and chemo. Removing both breasts and chemo. All scary options to me right now. Cause all involve chemo. And we didnt walk away with a timeline which as a planner drives me crazy. So yeah, not much of any answers like I hoped. I asked if we will ever know why I got cancer. He said that we probably wouldnt. And that is something Im probably going to have to let go of but, its hard. Im slowly starting to get angry, but mostly sad and overwhelmed.

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