Got an earlier oncology appointment, today instead of Monday, we are so glad. Todays appointment was much better than yesterdays. Yesterdays was with the surgeon and honestly, that feels like it was last week. That poor surgeon had to tell so many things. And surgeons cut things. The oncologist (which last week I didnt know how to spell by the way) today was more lets do chemo and shrink the tumor. So it was still hard but less scary, even though it was mostly about chemo.

Short update, now have a lot of doctor appointments starting the 25th. Tuesday the 19th in the evening, Jason and I go to a chemo information class at the cancer center. Chemo will start in 10 days – 2 weeks from today. Surgery will happen after chemo, with hopes that chemo shrinks the tumor. Before chemo starts I will have to get a port put in, which is surgery but not the surgery that gets the tumor out. A port is put in me for chemo treatments, instead of having to put an IV in me each time, they’ll just use the port. Chemo will last for 4 months. I will get chemo every two weeks. The oncologist seemed hopeful which was nice. So, yeah, better day than yesterday for sure. And so glad we dont have to wait over the weekend.

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