Hello friends and family –

This will be the easiest way to keep you all updated on what we are going through and how you can pray for us durning this new season of our life. If you are just hearing our news, please start with the first entry: February 21st and go from there to hear my process of before, the day, and the after. (Or just click under the category “New Journey”)

These next two weeks hold a lot of doctor appointments for us. Please pray that we keep juggling work well as we keep furthering our education on breast cancer. And that we made wise decisions as we move forward with treatment. While its all happening very fast, we are thankful for the speediness, so we can get this tumor gone asap, but it is a lot of information to take in at once.

Many of you have asked how you can help us. We are working on getting more dates together when we need help. As of right now, if you would like to help, please email our dear friend Francie and she’ll coordinate with you.
For prayer, here some things to pray for this week:

-Chemo class on Tuesday: that we can soak in as much information and ask all of our questions. Coming away from the class feeling hopeful, educated and ready for when chemo starts (which is soon but no set date yet, probably first week of April).

-Pray for our time at Duke Wednesday. We are getting a second option. We really love the program we have currently, we just know its wise to get a second set of eyes on our case.

-Pray for Jason has hes working way more than me durning these next few weeks. That he can do his job well while balancing this whole new life of ours.

-Pray for my port surgery on Thursday morning. Im really nervous about this, any surgery really. My surgeon is really great and I have faith in him, Im just nervous for myself. And pray I recover well and quickly.

Thats all for now – thank you again so much for showing us so much love and support. We have an amazing community of people, which we already knew before this happened, but we are even more aware of it now. So thank you.

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