Things around the internet that were note worthy to share:

Daily Observations from the Civil War – while I did not grow up on the east coast, I did of course know about the Civil War. Now that I know a bit more about the area I live in and around me, I hear the stories from this time period in a whole new way. This daily updated blog hopes to capture more than just the military agenda going on. They want to show what the culture was like for others not fighting the war.

– if you have an iPhone please download this app. Its free, and really fun. Think, Twitter but with pictures. It has a lot of neat filters on it.

Mumford and Son’s “The Cave” covered by a girl. Who is also a high school student. Good music, sung by a girl, whos in high school. All things I love!

Apartment in the upper west side for around $700 – talk about simple living. Mad props to this lady for living like this, I dont know if I could!

Bread and Circus
– Last but not least, a great great great video done at one of Jason’s band shows. This song is my second favorite on the ‘new’ album (its been out a year! wow when did that happen?). The song and video are just so well done, its a must see.

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