white bell

The more we go to our new church the more we like it. And not just because one week they opened with “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons and then this past week played Rich Mullin’s “Hold Me Jesus” (as in, not preformed it but just played it). Those are kinda the hooks that make me want to go back. Yesterday’s sermon was the first one I really settled in and wanted to hear more. Its was part of a Lent series: Art of surrender. Surrender isn’t always about something you are giving up, rather about something you are gaining. A tanglable example for me is the year I gave up tea. I had no idea that I found so much comfort in a warm cup of tea in my hands until I went without it. That knowledge is something I wouldn’t of had unless I had given up tea for that time.

Another piece of surrender is attaching yourself to Jesus. And to community. This church is big on community, which we are happy about, just haven’t dived in joining one of their community groups yet. The importance of community lies in that Jesus speaks through people we are in deep community with. A clear picture of this to me, that didn’t hit me till Sunday, was from a friend sitting two seats away from me. He was the speaker at my very first retreat I planned for the church job. I was of course stressed out, wanting everything to be great and well planned out. At the close of the weekend he came up to me and gave me a big huge and told me how proud of me he was. A hug longer than I expected or even knew I needed. It wasn’t about this particular friend giving me a hug and telling me he was proud of me, it was merely the action and the words, could of come from any of my friends and it would have had the same effect because that’s how Jesus speaks. Through his people, if we let him.

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