That can be a loaded word. When you say “art” everyone thinks of something different, which to me is part of it’s beauty. As a birthday present to myself (and our poor walls that don’t have much on them after 15 months of owning them) I had one of my college student friends make some of her art. She has been amazing at painting since Ive known her, I was so excited to ask her. We chose her to make some art for our dining room which has the prettiest shade blue walls and awesome orange curtains and some natureish theme to it. That was all the direction we gave her – we wanted her to have space to create whatever she wanted. As creative people who make other types of art, we understand the need for some direction, just not stuck in a box direction. Such as “Paint me a picture of a horse, in a field, with a sunset.” See the difference? We gave her a general idea of what we’d like but hope we gave her the creative freedom that is so key to the art process. Heres what we got:
art by morgan benshoff
Isnt it awesome? We just love it. We also found some cute square canvas as well and told her to do whatever she wanted with them (go with the room or not). Whether they were four different places of art or art that went together. She gave us both:
art by morgan benshoff
art by morgan benshoff
And yes, those birds are made out of maps! Im so thrilled to own my first piece of art.
Know how I said art can be a loaded word right? I got this piece that served as a table bottom at work:
Now, I think it can just hang on the wall as art. Not in this same room as the painting and birds, but somewhere else. Its got great texture and a favorite of mine, buttons! I am not good with crafty things enought to turn it into anything else right now (maybe some time down the road). Im on a fence about hanging it on the wall, feels a bit daring for me. But to some, what would mean thats good art.

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