This weekend I went to Atlanta with these lovely ladies:
the girls
They are Seniors in high school who happen to be in a small group lead by my friend Kendra. The sweet girl in the pretty red curls is Olivia. Olivia moved away to Atlanta this past summer and we all have missed her terribly. Plans where quickly made after she moved for her small group to come visit her and they asked me to come along. I was delighted at the chance since I had to basically write off Olivia as a Senior last year. As in, in my mind she was in Class of 2010. She went off to college or something, that was the only way I could wrap my head around being okay with her moving on when it felt too soon.

What was wonderful about this trip was, I didn’t plan it and I wasn’t in charge. I haven’t been on a weekend trip with high school kids in years where that wasn’t my role. My role was just to come, have fun and spend time with these fun girls. One of their moms thanked me for giving up my weekend. It really didn’t feel like I gave up my weekend. I gave up some sleep, but you know, that would of happened with or without high school girls involved. These girls were so much fun and great to have conversations with and I mean, when the agenda was to go to the World of Coke, eat at Varsity and go shopping at H&M, what was there not to like?
all of us

What I love about this group is that they are all so very different. I mean, couldn’t put a more different group of girls together. They are not the cloestest of friends but yet, you know they care a lot for one another. I loved watching this dynamic of them and how it just worked. The ties of being in a small group with one another did something.
band photo
Thank you Atlanta for being our host and thank you girls for inviting me along – couldn’t of asked for a better weekend.
(Oh and Varisty’s onion rings are a must. Ive properly dubbed them the best onion rings in the world because they are)

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