Today, I came out of Target to find a note on my car. From a distance, I thought one of my high school kids saw my car and left me a fun note. I was actually looking forward to what it had to say as I walked up to it. As I read it before pulling from my window whippers I couldnt believe what I was reading. Mind you, it was “polite” with beginning with the word “Please, dont part so close to other cars. Look at all the other parking spots around you.” To be fair, it wasnt the best job I had done parking but I wasnt in the other space. At this point, there was no cars around me at all and I begin to think “Really? Was that really necessary for you to leave me a note?” Im not having the best day ever and thought “the note leaver” should of considered that. Considered that maybe Im having a rough day and didnt need some note left on my car about my bad parking job. I didnt damage their car otherwise they clearly would of let me known. So why the heck take time out of your day, in this heat, to leave me a note about my bad parking job? Then I thought the same thing about “the note leaver”. What if they were having a terrible day and I just put the cherry on top of their bad day. Maybe I was so close to their car they couldnt get their kid in easily. I almost took a picture of the note and Twittered it with “Really?” as a comment. But Im glad my first reaction isnt the one Im settling on now. I mean part of me wants to stick with the idea that made a bigger deal out of nothing, but I remembered a quote by Plato that Kari pinned on Pinterest:

Its so true. I think of my friends who’s baby has a 105 degree temperature and someone tired to break into their house at 3am last night. This past week my boss’ lost his dad to cancer. You just dont know what is someone is going through when you meet them. Rather than assuming the worst about a person or assuming you are right, I think it does me good to step back and remember that Im not the only one having a bad day. My meeting with “the leaver of the note”, I thankfully had time to process and remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle.

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