Today I went into a biopsy and I did well, the doctor told me, not sure what I did per say but I guess my body responded well (no excess bleeding) to everything. My biggest fear was the pain of the needle that would bring the medicine to numb me. Whenever I get my blood drawn that needle always hurts (for a second of course and then its you know, fine for having a needle in you) and I was thinking how much worse its going to feel in a tender area like my breast. But the needle was much smaller than a blood drawing needle so it didnt hurt barely at all and once it was in, I felt nothing from that point on. A friend of mine suggested bringing music to listen to, to help me disconnect, help me stay calm. They had no problem with me doing that, so I put in ear buds and had it low enough I could hear them when I wanted to and turned it up louder when a needle went over me.

They took out a few samples to test and I go back in at 11:30am tomorrow to get the results (I love this fast turn around of results). I asked a lot more questions this time which made me feel better about stuff. Like when the nurse was doing the ultrasound to mark spots for the doctor, I asked can you tell from that how big it is? She said yeah, its about 2 inches. Which, helped understand when talking to the doctor about stuff. Even before I left yesterday she is wanting to remove the mass because it is so large even if it benign. Usually with women my age who get something benign, its much smaller so they just do annual check ups on it, but since mine is so large they want to take action on it. The doctor did say they cant rule out breast cancer just yet (first time I heard that).

If anyone is curious, this is basically what happened: (start at 1:43)

As far as pain goes, I feel fine today as long as I dont lift my arm. I have a strip of bandage (more like tape) that has to stay on for 5 days. Its over the tiny hole that they went in through. Im sure it let it heal and not have me bleed. Im only allowed to take Tylenol which has helped. I wish this was all over, again, but its not. So I hope with the surgery to remove it will be the last of all of this.

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