(H is for herceptim and hair)

It’s herceptin week, so here I sit at the cancer center waiting to check in. Today it’s the usual, get labs, meet with my doctor and get infusion. The waiting room has a Christmas tree up and lovely white poinsettias scattered about. To share another little holiday bit, Jason and I attended my youth groups volunteer Christmas party – a murder mystery one. Our characters were rich and a fashion designer so we dressed up.


As you can see, my hair has gotten a bit longer and red! No, the chemo did not turn it red. My friend Jon who’s cutting my hair as it grows in (to prevent a mullet) suggested we have some fun and dye it a fun color. I’ve never died my hair, but this is the time to do it and it’s been fun to try a new color. So, 5 months after chemo ended, the length is longer than I expected. But I also expected chemo curl by Christmas, and I have yet to see any change in texture to my hair. Jason thinks it’s thicker but I feel like it’s too short to really tell. And when Jon put in my hair color, when he combed it back, it went wavy, so he thinks there be some wave in it. Only time will tell!

Last week my left arm from my shoulder to my finger tips tingled. A feeling like my arm had fallen a sleep and was waking up. Just the tingling remained and it was for a whole day. Since it was on the side that I had my surgery on (mainly my lymph nodes removed) I called and spoke to my doctors nurse. She suspected that some of my nerves that might of been cut durning surgery were just waking up. This was a surprising thing for me to learn, seems like something they should of told me that might be a side effect of surgery. It’s been almost two weeks of this tingling. It has lessened a bit since it first started but it still tingles (example as I type this my finger the tips tingle and shot up my arm). My doctor (who I found out is leaving!) mentioned there is a slight chance it could be lymphodemda which I really hope not. I just want to keep trucking along with no complications till April, get my port out and be done with this mess. Lymphoda would certainly complicate things.

While waiting for my pager to go off for my chair in the chemo room, I walked downstairs to visit my old radiation therapists. All three of them were working which was so great. They wanted to rub my hair (last the saw me I barely had any hair) which was funny. They were so kind to me, nice to say hello.

It’s another long day here, waiting for for herceptin to come out from the pharmacy. Tonight is our last youth group and Christmas party, I don’t have time for this. And certainly not what I want to spend my afternoon doing. The women across from me is having her first chemo. We had 2 of the 3 same drugs so we chatted a bit. She has beautiful big curly hair right now too. The one drug she is getting will knock it out, poor dear. Not a fun way to spend Christmas. Thankful that I had the best “season” to have been in chemo. Oh good, herceptin as finally arrived after over an hour sitting in the chemo room waiting for it. Can feel the end of my time here today coming to an end.


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I like the red hair and red lipstick! Very cute.

I have been having pain around a surgery site, too. Went to the ER one day b/c the pain was so awful! They told me it was most likely the nerves healing because they could not see anything on the CT. It went away for several weeks and returned again last week! Silly nerves… acting all crazy! Hope your tingling gets better for you ASAP. I’m sure that it’s annoying!

December 20, 2013 3:01 pm

I thought maybe your hair looked more red, but wasn’t sure. It looks good! I’m glad you decided to try something new and different 🙂 you look great! I’ll be praying about the lymph node situation too.

December 20, 2013 6:58 pm

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