My friend Andrea lives just outside Asheville and at the end of chemo we made plans to celebrate end of radiation with some close friends who have been supportive to me durning treatment. That weekend was this past weekend and celebrate did we!



It was a perfect Fall weekend, with crisp weather and the leaves in perfect shades of yellow, orange and reds. We all brought loads of treats to share all weekend long. And let’s be honest, the way I like to celebrate is with good food (and friends).


One really cool place we went to was Battery Park Book Exchange which is a bookstore AND wine bar. They are also dog friendly (kind of a theme in their logo) which all those things don’t normally go together. But it totally work and it was a neat place to visit. Kari and Andrea got some bubbly and toasted end of radiation for me, which was beyond sweet.


This group of girls, we don’t get to see each other but maybe once a year. They are apart of the very community that toasted my end of chemo . They have listened to me complain about the tiny and big things of having a cancer life. They have prayed for me. They have told me how strong I am when I don’t believe it. They have been such great cheerleaders for me. So thankful for these beautiful women in my life and can share the joys and pains of life with, even though we are many miles a part.


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