warning, there is slight, not graphic, talk about throw up.

Early Monday morning Dad woke up sick. He didn’t have a fever so we all assumed it was food poisoning. Then Mom Tuesday got sick. Again, no fever so we all naively believed it was something they both ate. I lysoled the house just in case. Then last night at bedtime I felt, well gassy. Each burp made me feel better but there was a terrible knot on my stomach. I spent two hours feeling like that, fighting it thinking “I can’t be sick! I have chemo in the morning. Mind over matter.” Then hour three I was ready, “I don’t care, I want to throw up, please let me throw up.” And I did and well it was glorious, felt so much better after. My friend told me take one of the many nausea medications I had, so I did and so glad I did. I did wake up three hours later feeling like I could throw up but didn’t reach that point of needing to. But then I heard Jason get sick. Way worse than me, poor guy. So thankfully I have only gotten sick once, and not to brag but I have felt the least sick out of my family.

At least we took shifts in sharing this so it seems 24 hour bug. My parents felt bad that they came to help but then couldn’t because they got sick. Today my Dad keeps passing my room with a sad face since he was the first to have it (so there’s slight blame going to help unmeaningly). He feels fantastic today, he even planted some new plants and put down mulch for us yesterday. Mom is still weary of food but feels good. I’m mostly tired from lack of sleep and strangely super hot. Even with an ice pack on my head. Not sweaty or a fever (none of us have had a fever) just really hot. I’m able to drink water no problem which is good. Most food does not sound good, so internets, please be kind and no Instagram or facebook photos that involve food today please.

So of course, this means no chemo for me today. I’ll probably never say this again, but I wish I was in chemo. I felt good about chemo. I was ready, so it’s a little bit of a left down to not be there. Just have the experience and know what it will be like. The schedule for April I was so excited to have maybe changing now. We are waiting on a call back about when my new first chemo date will be. Pray that call comes soon and Jason and I both feel 100% by the end of the day. Will update when we have new chemo schedule in place.

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