Last night I woke up five times being hot (even with the air condition making the house very cool and fan on high) and waking me up enough to have to pee. Being a good patient and drinking my 64 ounces of water a day has its drawbacks. Even as I type this I’m having a hot flash, which is the main reason I hate the steroid so. And then Saturday, usually my worse day post chemo, it the first day off the steroid so withdraw is what I think makes it so bad. My body is going through a high and a low at the same time.

Tuesday morning I had a follow up appointment with my regular doctor who I haven’t seen since getting diagnosed in March. Her and her office have been so kind. They called the week I got diagnosed and have a few times since just to check on me. I think that’s kind and unexpected. So when I saw my doctor she me a hug and asked how things where going. Strange to think the last time I saw her was before the start of all this and now at least the chemo part of this is almost over. She gave me a prescription for my swelling ankles, but told me to check with the oncologist PA before taking them. The PA approved me (and sadly told me she’ll be moving at the end of the month! I really like her but thankful she’ll see me through the worst of my chemo) taking them. It warned me they will make me pee a lot to get the fluid out (the extra fluid has made me gain weight too). Being I’m already peeing too much for my up coming energy level (sometimes going to the bathroom drains me of all energy post chemo days). So I’ll take the pills to help with the swelling next week after the bad days are behind me.

Being that I was up a lot last night and gave up at returning to sleep at 5:30, I’ve been tired pretty much all day and its been a non stop day. I was at the cancer center with Allison from 9:15-3:30 due to my PA running behind with appointments and delay in my drugs coming from the pharmacy. Allison and I got together with our community group girls at 7:30am before chemo and then our husbands joined us for dinner. Long but good day (even with chemo in the mix). Needless to say, very shortly after they slipped Benadryl in my IV, as a pre-med, I quickly slipped off to sleep for about an hour. But sine it was a Benadryl induced nap I felt out of it for the rest of the day. I’m not expecting another good night of sleep, rather another night of hot flashes. I hope that I’m so tired now that I could sleep through them, but well see. And dry mouth as already started to settle in, which feels very early. I hope this means it doesn’t linger as long if is starting day of chemo.

I saw my first chemo nurse, Erica, today and told her that I’m almost done, this is round 5 of 6! She made a comment about how she should be my nurse for the first and last chemo. I’d love for that to happen. It’s amazing how until today I have not repeated a nurse in the treatment center and Ive been there every Wednesday since April 5th. Allison and I talked today about how in life we celebrate “firsts”. A lady walked out of the breast center exclaiming that was her last time having to come to the cancer center, 8 years since the start of her journey. My celebrations right now are more lasts. I’m looking forward to my last time of chemo (3 weeks from today), taking the steroids, being contained to my house for 3-4 because I have have such little energy. Strange to be thinking of celebrating lasts.

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