Back in May, I shared that I was officially sick of cancer when Watts was diagnosed with leukemia. If you have been following his journey over at his blog, you may have already read his Mama’s wonderful post today. I wanted to share it here just in case you dont read his blog. You dont have to walk through cancer for find such great comfort in these words Hannah wrote:

This aching broken world, what hope is there in it? Death is inevitable, it haunts the healthiest of us, and ultimately strips us of all earthly loves. We walk through our days not knowing what tomorrow will bring, not knowing the number of our days. How does one live in a place of such fragility? How does one not break under fear of the unknown, the pain that inevitably lies up ahead?

We were made for something more. A broken Eden has us all breathlessly waiting and crying out for His return, for our true home, where all shall be made right. Cancer and death will have no place. Aching hearts will be filled. He will be there.

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