Long before I had hear of Pinterst, I started to put up some photos on my cubical wall at work. Nothing against that ugly grey wall, but it was just so uninspiring. But I only had a few up there, but the idea came from the years and years of magazines I had lying around the house. I have no idea why I saved stacks and stacks of magazines for so long. Finally I did something about it – went through each of them. If there was a recipe I wanted, I tore it out. If there was an article that was interesting, onto the pile it went. Then I thought about my uninspiring wall at work and how these magazines had lots of pretty photos. A whole new pile was born. So like I said, before the idea of Pinterst, there has been mood boards for years. Thats where my idea came from in the first place. But now it just looks like I have Pinterst stuff splashed on my office wall, and I love it.
stack of magazines be gonephoto.JPG

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