This morning around 3am I woke up to go the bathroom (all the water Im drinking to flush those chemo drugs out) and Oliver seemed to think 3am is a great time to be wide awake and wouldn’t settle down until 6am. Thankfully I did go back to sleep for a few more hours because my injection this morning. Before going, I was advised to take a Claritin to help with the ache from the injection. They dont know why this works, but it does and I will be taking it for another 4 days. I feel no side effects from the Claritin so I am down with taking anything that will help with the ache. I also took a couple of Ibuprofen after the injection as another preventive. Erienne went with me to my injection (thank you Erienne) and I felt good enough after the injection that she took me on a couple of errands (Ive been craving lemon aide and needed more disposable mascara wands) as well. Its so nice to have friends to come with me to all my appointments (even super short ones like the injection) while Jason can keep a normal work schedule.

Once I got home, I still felt fine, but when I saw Oliver settling in for a nap, I decided that was the time I needed to take a nap. Just like a baby, right? If the baby is sleeping, the tired parent should be sleeping too. Disclaimer: I do not think that Oliver is my son nor do I really think a cat is anything like a baby. After my lovely nap, I had some lunch, even did a little light house work. Working on returning emails and working a little bit from home. So many of you have checked in with me to see how I am doing today which means so much. Thank you all for checking in and praying for me.

Prayer requests:
-That side effects stay as they are, so much bearable this time around!
-That I feel fantastic enough to be able to at least church this weekend.
-With my Mom gone we have a lot of great friends on stand by if things do get rough, but that my main caregiver, Jason, is able to juggle everything if things do get bad in the evenings. I know its hard on him, keeping a normal schedule and taking care of me.

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