I never use all caps in the title. Im trying to be very far to my dear readers who do watch the Amazing Race and maybe have not yet had a chance to see who won. Im not here to talk about the winner, but man, I hate going on Twitter when I havent seen a show yet to have all the best quotes right there. Really guys? I get the live Twitting/blogging thing. Jason likes to do it for award shows and its funny. But spoiling shows for people just isnt okay. So I want to talk about the Amazing Race without spoiling it for the rest of you.

Anyways… so last night on the Amazing Race we started with 4 teams left. It was a long Amazing Race, where you saw the 4th team get cut and the final 3 go on to race for the finish. I dont remember this happening in years past. Usually one week we find out who the final 3 are and then the next week is who wins the whole race. All that to say, I couldnt talk about Zev and Justin being cut from the final 3 on Twitter like I wanted for the sake of others, which Im okay with. What I wanted to say how much I really liked them. More so this time than last, not sure why because they were just as honoring and nice guys the last time. Their exit interview really shows why they should of won the race. Not that Im not happy with the winners, I am (go all girl team!). Past Zev and Justin, I wanted anyone other than the GlobeTrotters. I know so many people, friends even, loved those guys. I did not. I didnt like how they played. I didnt like some moved they pulled. They didnt do anything wrong, I just didnt like their style. So thankfully they did not win. But back to the exit interview, to quote Zev “He was the race and I was the amazing.” Right there. He is funny and had a great attitude. Justin was always thanking people (well besides the Brazilian wax ladies, where he yelled out “Kelly Clarkson” which set me into giggles) at the road blocks and taxi drivers. They were just really good guys and one of my favorite racers ever. So Im sad to see them not win but they are just so gracious about it. That they did really well and proved themselves a lot but it still sucks to not cross the finish line. Thank you Zev and Justin for a great season. Hope there are more racers like you in Amazing Race future.

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