Last week on CBS Sunday Morning (a wonderful program if you don’t already watch it) had a story about thank you notes. Of course I was very interested. The reporter for the story was arguing that in our paper-less society there isn’t need for a hand written thank you note. He said how we shouldn’t do it out of a sense of duty because Emily Post says to. Thankfully, other people disagree with him. How we should have a sense of honor to be writing these handwritten notes.

Not that I think I am original with my project by any means but I was surprised at the story on a man who also took on writing a thank you note every single day for a year. He even wrote a book about it. He was coming from a very rough time period of his life and the thank you notes seemed to help lift him out of feeling sorry for himself. To be others focused. I must admit I didn’t think that much about the reason behind my thank you notes. As a child I hated writing them, but as an adult I feel quite the opposite. It’s a discipline, to write thank you note frequently. And not just for the gifts you were given at Christmas time, but whens the last time you thanked a friend for just being a friend? Or noticing something someone did that normally would go unnoticed? These are the thank you notes I think need to not ever be forgotten.

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