Today, as far as doctor appointments go, was very easy both physically and emotionally. I had a friend go with me to each of the appointments (thanks Sabrina and Francie!) which always help, even easy appointments its really nice to have someone there to walk along side me. Also, there was some snow flurries (happy spring!) between appointments which if its going to be this cold, its nice to have some snow to walk in.

The echo was just an ultra sound, focused on my heart. Id like to point out that in the past month Ive gone from never having an ultra sound to now having four of them. And today’s had sound! I got to hear my heart. Its just as every pregnant person ever described hearing: a swishing sound. I know the technologist cant tell me anything as the measure different things, but I of course worried about every thing he measured. Is that bad? Good? What do those colors mean? Is that how a heart should sound? It was a very quick appointment, which was nice.

Photo Mar 25, 11 34 58 AM

Next up: genetic counseling and lab work. Francie and I meet with a very kind lady who talked through my family history (which of course doesnt have much of a history when it comes to cancer), ask the same medical questions I have been asked by pretty much every doctor Ive seen, basically, I have no other health problems, other than this one big one. She talked me through the testing and how genetics work (which was quite fascinating). The chance of me having the caner gene is low given my family history. I was honest with her that, how things have gone so far in this process (being given hope, only for things to go down the opposite path) that I probably do have the cancer gene. Which is when we tired to make me feel better by giving me a low percentage. We’ll see in about two weeks when the test comes back. If it comes back positive, we have some hard choices to make. I gave three tubes of blood for the different tests they will run. Getting my blood drawn I used to dread having to do when I went to the doctors office (remember my fear at the MRI place? Not even two weeks ago?). Now, if thats all they want to do pain wise? Fine, which arm would you like? And please use a butterfly needle.

Port update: took the bandage off yesterday before church, which right after I took it off I wish would of left it on. They dont mess around with the adhesive on surgical bandages. My poor skin was red and sore. By the time I was at church it wasnt nearly as sore. I did have to be quick with cutting people off with a right side hug but rather a left side one to protect my now exposed wound. Its only sightly sore, feels like a pull sometimes, but really I dont notice it at all. There is a bump, but I think that bump is hard to notice at this point. Here is what it looks like today (turn away if you dont like anything medical, there are stitches and some blood):
Photo Mar 25, 7 07 15 PM

Tomorrow: PET scan. Doesn’t sound very fun. I have ink put in my body by, none of other than, of course, an IV. Then I get to sit in a dark room, by myself for an hour waiting for the ink to spread through out my body. No brain activity so I cant read a book or catch up on emails and texts on my phone. Doesnt sound too fun, but not painful so hopefully the hour passes quickly.

I keep being blown away by my friends and family in my life. Ive been showered with gifts to help me through chemo from near and far. The side of fridge is over half covered with cards people have sent us. So many people have signed up for meals for us, its amazing. Thank you all who have called, emailed and texted to check in on me. It means so very much that people care for us in such an emotional and practical ways. I feel so very loved and prayed for.

Prayer requests:
-PET scan is uneventful (and that hour in the dark passes quickly)
-Continued healing of my port (it looks good so far)
-Our last meeting of the week, with our oncologist PA goes well. We will probably get new information from some of the rest that they ran this week, that we can process this new information and make wise decisions.
-Prep for chemo starting next week (Im a planner, I have many lists to attend to. Things to read from the cancer center, etc)

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