Watery eyes and runny nose have already dried up and traded in for a hot face and first sign of dry month. But I don’t care cause I’m on of this “is the last time I have to experience dry mouth and hot flashes” high. I hope this excitement of today being last chemo carried over to this weekend when things might get rough.

Wednesdays are treatment days because on chemo days is not when I start to feel bad, it’s usually after my neulasta shot (that I get tomorrow morning). And I planned it that way so I could still work and go to youth group. Tonight was a big night because it was the first time the new Freshmen came and it was Duck Dynasty themed. Not really my cup of tea but it was a fun time for sure and it was good to be there. One of my sweet students asked to make me something to celebrate last chemo. She made me yummy cookies, that I shared and a peach pie I can’t wait to eat tomorrow. Thank you sweet Hannah!

And thank you to so many of you who celebrated with me today. My phone was exploding with excitement for me, means so very much. Could not made it without such a sweet community of people near and far rooting me on.

Me and some chemo dudes tonight.

Hannah, and the peach pie she made me (and the cutest hat my aunt sent me today)

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