Driving down the road yesterday I drove past the neighborhood where my close friends use to live. Wanted to call and see if they wanted to grab dinner or something. Of course, in the same moment I was reminded that they are no longer here. Not only did they leave, but also other friends within that same friend circle – all for teaching jobs. If I learned one thing, its not to make friends in a college town with people getting their doctorates cause all they are gonna do is up and leave you when they are done. Funny, I knew that when I meet them all. I knew they would someday leave but that thought was fleeting as I found myself getting more and more attached to them. Each bringing something so different to the group, having discussions I wasnt having anywhere else. And I couldnt, because it was unique to these women alone.

Today, one of those girls wrote us all an email, telling us very sweet things that she missed about each one of us. Her words brought me to tears, reliving the feelings saying good bye to her. Saying good bye to dear friends. You need people in your life who tell you things about yourself that you didnt even known about. Words that make your heart warm and tears come at the same time. I miss these dear friends who are now spread about the country in California, Texas and South Carolina. Who knows if we ever will be in the same place again. The reminder of us who where left behind are getting together this weekend, forming a grievers club of the other half who will no longer be with us. We wonder, is it harder being the ones to leave or the ones staying behind?

all the girls

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