My parents are currently in Costa Rica to celebrate the wedding of very dear friends of the family. Sadly, I couldn’t make it work to be there, but so wish I could be. Today my dear Neen gets married to a very sweet man named Kevin. Many happy days to you Neen! Cant wait to see all the photos Dad takes of you on his iPhone while he officiates the ceremony then emails me them later.


This day also marks Jason and I being married for a whole 16 months. On the 17th of every month we make it our day to celebrate being together. We hope to do this our whole marriage, to not forget how special the 17th is in our life together. To this day, when I listen to the three songs that were played at our wedding, I tear a little bit up. The first one was “Everything that Rises” that Jason and his band mate Stephen wrote together. For a very long time the song didn’t have a name and I loved it the most out of their new batch of songs they were writing for the new Songs of Water album, The Sea has Spoken. I suggested that they call it “Alisa” cause I liked it so much. Clearly they did not go with my suggestion, but I secretly pretend that it’s called my name. On our wedding day, Jason’s band mate had to learn his guitar part and they played a shorten version of it as our families walked in. My best girl, Kari, told me after the wedding that one her favorite moments of the day was seeing my face light up when I heard the music to the song start. We were standing in the stairwell, my arm in my Dad’s waiting for our cue. I knew this was it when the song started and what was being played out upstairs. Soon I would be walking through those doors to another song and seeing the man who’d be giving me his name.

(This is the closest thing I could find of the song being recorded. Its the first song on this montage from one of their shows. Gives you a tiny taste of my favorite song since this film cuts into the song rather than the start of it. Rest of the video is a favor of Songs of Water if you dont know their wonderful music (but Im bias)

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