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view from my dresser – keeping germs at bay and gifts from Nashville.

Just woke from what I believe was an Benadryl induced nap. They gave me Benadryl in case I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, but I wish they didnt need to. Rather not feel so out of it, and if the Benadryl is what made me sleepy walking out of chemo and making me grumpy, Id rather pass. Im fine if the chemo drugs have to do their job and sleepyness is just part of their make-up. So thats the only side effect I am feeling so far today. Took a 2 hour nap and feel fine physically just grumpy which I do not like. But glad physically I feel okay.

As far as chemo went, 6 hours went by a lot quicker than Mom and I had expected. We both brought big bags of things to do to pass the time. Nothing was super painful, the most pain I had was getting my finger pricked to check my white blood cell count but it wasnt too bad. My cream over my port really helped with that transaction. We didnt mess around with the amount of cream we put on this morning ether: Photo Apr 05, 7 20 30 AM
And yes, that is press and seal on my skin. They say it works best because the cream doesnt rub all the way it and it saves it from getting my clothes. Jason’s friend who is also going through chemo kept saying how much she loves her port. The port is a lot better than getting an IV every time for sure (and the cream is magic). The lady across from me did not have a port and they had a hard time hooking up an IV to her, I do not miss those days. The chemo room is great for people watching. There was at least two other patients in my area of the chemo room (there was 5 chairs in my area) the whole time I was there. The first person who was in there the whole time as me was an elderly women named Helen. She’s seemed to be known around the cancer center, in a good way. All the nurses giving her hugs and kisses. Seems pretty seasoned in doing this. She had a weak but sweet smile. I over hear her husband (so I assume) say that she has a sister named Hazel. A little a la “The Fault in Our Stars” for you John Green fans out there. They werent reading to talking, just holding hands to pass the time.
Photo Apr 05, 10 40 25 AM
See? Holding hands! Im sure this photo breaks a thousand rules.

I kept waiting to feel effects from the chemo drugs. I really felt nothing at all. Some slight tingling but that could of just need my body just being. After my nurse told me I was crusing at a normal rate of the drugs dripping in and she wasn’t taking my temperature and blood pressure every 15 minutes is when I really felt like I could just settle in and relax. Its still a bit of a bizarre thing that I can unplug my IV from the wall and walk it with me to the bathroom (because of all the water I am drinking to stay hydrated, flush out chemo drugs once they have done their job and to avoid nausea). But it was nice to stretch my legs and walk around, even though I was in a very comfy seat. My mom didnt have it has cushy as I did. Just a small bench, not much leg room.
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Mom, the trooper in the tiny bench.

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Excuse my sweats, they said to dress comfy, and so I did and it was worth going out in sweats for sure. Wore awesome no slip slippers from friends as well.

I thought the chemo room would be more a quite place, people reading or doing relatively to themselves things. Theres a no talking on the cell phone rule to help with noise. But between the nurses visiting my neighbor and talking loudly, the lady across from me watching day time soaps and discussing those lives with anyone who would listen and all the beeping from the IVs, it was louder than I had expected. Thankfully I brought earphones to drown out the noise with The Office (Im deciding when they should of ended the show with this viewing) or my chemo mix when I wanted to read. Towards the end of my treatment, a bell just rang, a new sound to me in the chemo room. Looked up from responding to messages to see what it was all about. A man was ringing a bell as a sign he is all done with his treatment, he doesn’t have to come back. That’s so such a nice celebration to see and hear in the mist of this mostly sick presence place. Someday soon that will be me!

Thank you all for praying and thinking of me today. I had an image of this sea of people thinking of me, talking to Jesus for me. Made me emotional thinking of the many people who I know are flooding Jesus on my behalf. People loving me from near and far. I wouldnt be able to walk this journey without each and every single one of you. So thank you for how each of you is caring for me in your own sweet way.

Next up: injection tomorrow mid-morning. Its a shot to make my white blood cells go back up since the chemo drugs brings them down. Then I go back next Wednesday for infusion. No side effects with that, just an hour and half stay instead of a long one like chemo. Pray the shot doesn’t sting to bad because not even the cream will help that. And pray the aftermath of chemo and the injection are minimal and I keep living normally. Dad leaves for California tomorrow, so pray his flight is smooth and uneventful. I know it will be hard for him to leave us.

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From Anne Lammotts’s “Help, Thanks, Wow”. I like the few pages I read today.

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Praying for minimal side effects.

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