Woke up feeling pretty great this morning. Glad I didn’t take the drugs the night before because I slept just fine without them and I wanted to be free of the drugs as soon as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some drugs for pain, I wasn’t trying to be strong and not take them. I just wasn’t in enough pain to see the need for them, so I haven’t taken anything since the hospital drug wise.

I havent fully looked at my arm/breast area yet. I was talking to my Dad on facetime, showing him how I can moved my arm just fine, something I was surprised I could do, to discover a large bruise under my arm!

2013-08-06 11.04.45

The bandage from where I was cut, I mean its close to it but not near it, so Im rather curious how I got that bruise. I also felt like something was on my tongue and when I finally looked at it, I notice another bruise. I have never gotten a bruise on my tongue before, so strange. My mom thinks its from the tube they had in my mouth to keep me from swallowing my tongue.
2013-08-06 11.42.34
Its right below my birthmark and goes underneath too

Im not allowed to take a shower for 48 hours, so I took a wash cloth to my skin to get the orange soap they use in surgery to make sure you really have no bacteria on you. You can see the orange Im talking about in the photo of my bruised arm. Also, this is a fun photo, they had me mark with an “X” what side they were operating on so I drew that “X” and then my doctor wrote his initials above it.

2013-08-06 11.09.12

My recovery has been much different than I expected. I feel like its been easier to recover from a lumpectomy than getting my port in. My breast is swelling a bit, noticeable to me but Im not sure who else. I can move my arm just as normal I did before. Only a few times today has the surgery spot stung a little but I just hold my arm in close and I feel fine. Over all, I feel really good, so good in fact that Mom and I ran some errands (her driving and lifting everything. I wasnt allowed). And my eyes have stopped watering today, which is nice to put on some mascara for the first time in over a week. I had to tell all the doctors and nurses yesterday that I wasnt upset/crying, its just a side effect from the chemo that is still in my system. So glad to hopefully be done with the constant tearing eyes, they are quite annoying.

While my Mom and I were out running errands today my doctor called with the pathology report, which was super quick (soonest we were told we’d hear the results would be tomorrow or latest Friday). He said that the lymph node they took out and tested was negative of cancer (which we all sorta knew but now we for sure wont have to radiate that area) and he pulled out 7mm of a tumor, that had cancer cells close to the middle of it, but it has clean margins, which is what we wanted! So that means my tumor when we first discovered it was 4 cm which is close to a size of a golf ball and what my surgeon removed is about the size of an average pearl. That is pretty fantastic and amazing to see my treatment and Jesus work like that. Thank you all for praying and cheering along side me yesterday, means so very much to have such a community to walk through this journey with us. Next up is meeting with my oncologist on the 15th, where we’ll all be on the same page about moving forward with radiation. For now, I get to rest and ice my breast and bruised arm with a giant check mark next to the surgery part of my cancer to do list.

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“I’m so happy and here’s the reason why
Alisa’s cancer has gone away
Now my heart is singing and
I am so very glad
Alisa’s cancer has gone, gone, gone away.”

August 8, 2013 1:25 pm

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