20130406-191238.jpgNotice me holding my injection. The nurse had me warm it up. I was a little nervous. Same chair as yesterday.

Day after each chemo treatment I have to go in for an injection shot to get my white blood cells back up (since the chemo brings them down, kills cancer cells and good cells). I asked if I could put my magic cream over my arm for the pain (I love that stuff) and I was told it would sting more inside my body than the needle going into my skin. I was told it would be like a IV pain, which I have weathered through enough of those I know the pain won’t be around long. The acheness afterwards is what I fear more than the actual injection. My nurse told me I could take Advil, even Claritin for that along with a heating pad. I took Advil promptly after leaving my 10 minute visit to the cancer center for the injection. I felt pretty good so we all (Mom, Dad, Jason and I) took Dad to the airport. We even stopped at the mall on the drive back to shop for a hat for me and enjoy some spring air, felt really nice to be outside.

Like I mentioned before, I felt very moody last night. I still felt a bit moody today but it was more controllable (well to me, my family may not agree). We are wondering if the steroids I have to take before and days after chemo make me feel this way. Tomorrow will be my last day this week on steroids so hopefully between then and next chemo I can feel normal. I haven’t felt as tired as I expected, but Im not very hungry at all. But Im not at all nauseous which is fantastic. Still drinking my daily needed water intake so that is good as well. I’m thankfully for warm weather, helps keep in good spirits too. I want to out and about even if I feel a little bit off, rather than lying around waiting to feel bad. I haven’t taken anything for the aches that may come since this morning so I think that’s a good sign. They say day 3 (tomorrow) is the worse. Lets hope tomorrow is even better than today and not the worse day as they say. I feel like as we move away from chemo day the better I have felt.

Enjoying last family meal before Dad left. It was sad to only have an appetite for tiny bowl of grits and bacon. No best coffee in town for me.

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