Pretty often I find myself telling my friends, “I must always live within 10 minutes or so of a Target.” I am no doubt a city girl. When I first moved to North Carolina almost 5 years ago I lived in what I considered the country. I was told it was not actually the country but when someone says “Its only a 20 minute drive to town,”, I am in the country. If I am not in town, then I must be in the country. I want to be in town. Scratch that, I was to live in town. I like being within the mist of people and what is going on. When I was in California over Christmas and everywhere we went there was a lot of people, I realized I had forgotten how many people actually do live there. A lot. Many Californians tell people that its full all the time because they are tired of the crowds everywhere. It was strange, but with in the mist of the traffic and the crowds, I missed it. I missed being with lots of other people. Not sure if it was the sea of people I missed, but I know how that culture works. Even living “in town” here I don’t feel like it’s a very busy town. The south has gotten this slow place thing down, to which I commend them for. Not to say this town doesn’t have a lot going for it or a lot going on, it really does. It continues to impress me in those ways the longer I live here. And by now, I thought I would know the culture and fit in. It seems though all I have to picked up some southern drawl that I want to fight to keep my California “accent” alive. I don’t feel like I have really ever fit in here. And Im not sure if that’s because the culture I have grown up with is apart of me and its not here. Or I fight the culture that is here. Im really not sure, all I all I know is that I do like this town, with the unknown of my place in it. Or rather my movement in it, since I know how to move in the culture of California. Its strange to me still how a states can share the same country but feel so different they could be different countries in themselves. I enjoy getting to know another culture, I just wish I knew my place in it.

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I think you fit in. I guess I would be interested to hear your definition of fitting in.

January 24, 2011 8:36 am

Getting used to the norm – can that count as fitting in?

January 26, 2011 11:49 am

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