“The point is not that we’ll know God simply because we experience fine dining. Because one knows the creator, one can taste Him in the breaking of bread.”

Last week I went on Spring Break to the beach with 30 high school kids. I volunteered to head up the food, which at first was a bit scary. I have yet to master cooking for 2 let alone 30! But after chatting over large quantities of food with a friend who knows a thing or two about cooking for a large crowd I felt a bit better. Ive learned living on youth worker/barista/student budget that allows us to eat at home more often than out that I really do enjoy cooking. I like food and when I get to share good food with people I like, its one of my favorite things.

When I started to plan out the meals and asking what has been served in years past I was told I was going through too much trouble. It didn’t feel like going through trouble for me though. I liked cooking with one of the Senior girls. I liked that after browning 24 pounds of meat, no one was sick at the end of taco night. And they even seemed to like them and I feed them quality food. One day we had leftover tortillas and cheese so rather than ham and cheese sandwich I offered to make quesadilla till it ran out. Yes maybe I was going through too much trouble, but I really enjoyed making this food for these students. Cant put my finger on why but I really did. Is this was putting love in food feels like?

“If we do not take our bodily cues from the Christian story, we will take them from somewhere else – from the magazines screaming about taking off five pounds, from the all-you-can-eat buffets asking us to stuff our bodies, from the fashion designers asking ys to parade them.
Yet to think of Christian practices of the body seems almost to ponder a contradiction in terms. In church, I sometimes kneel and raise my hands and bow my head. I decorate my body with cruciform jewelry. That’s about it. I have not, apparently managed a Christian attitude towards a skirt size.”

In the middle of all this week of cooking for the students I found myself rereading of my favorite books “Mudhouse Sabbath” by Lauren Winner and found myself captured in her chapter titled “Body”. I don’t know if you are like this, but I still wonder when Im around my high school students if what Im wearing is cool or not. And I bought myself a new bathing suit, a one piece; because apparently the year you turn 29 you buy yourself a one piece. Knowing all my students would be wearing two pieces or bikinis and how much I really did love my new suit, I worried I would stick out. Id be the old lady in the one piece. I didn’t want to be that all, and thankfully I still liked my suit once I was in the mist of two pieces on the beach. I was reminded of Lauren’s great words about our bodies, and how God created them. And how we find ourselves uncomfortable in our own sink even when you think of yourself as a pretty comfortable in my own sink type girl.

“Does this mean that I think about Jesus with every jumping jack? Not at all. What it means is that my exercising is not merely a capitulation to a fitness- crazy culture, but rather is an attempt at obedience. God created this body of mine; the least I can do is try halfheartedly to take care of it.”

Nothing like lots of junk food and a swim suit to bring forth some perspective. Very simple ones that I think I’ll have to remind myself of over and over again.

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