Everyday I get a card, if not two from my Grandma. It’s been hard for her to be at a distance as I walk through cancer. I’ve never doubted this women’s love for me in my life. I love her little way, through these cards, of being there for me every day. In these cards holds her prayers for me. Her words of encouragement. Her memories of me and her other grandchildren when we were young. With verses she finds comforting, she shares them with me. To remind me of truths. Thank you Grandma for being apart of my daily walk through this season with your words.


“I wish my eyes could trace the years
To watch the stories I now hear
But in our words they are still alive and we have not lost anything…from there to here.

This is where I’m from
And we will pass it on
So take it as it comes
Cause it belongs to me.

Where Im From, Sandra McCracken.”

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Dearest Precious.
Your cards are my therapy to cope with ” our cancer ” seeking comfort and assurance that God is in control knowing that someday we will understand. For now we can onlly have faiith to believe and trust.
You continue to bring me joy. I thank your kind words as I wil contiue to intercede Our Father God to extend His mercy and grace to heal and restore your health. “With God All Things Are Possible”
Everlasting love from Gram

August 25, 2013 7:47 pm

This is beautiful.

August 30, 2013 9:27 am

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