Remembering memorable Valentine’s Day from years past, the first one that came to my mind was the one when I was living in Tuscaloosa. I just ended a relationship on New Years, happy to be single and really loving life. And it was my only day to sleep in when there was a knock at our door at 7am. Flowers, from the ex. I took them to work later that day to a single friend who was not as happy about being single and told her Happy Valentine’s Day. She did not need to know where the flowers came from, Id rather them not go to waste and actual brighten someone’s day since they were not brightening mine. I was living with the delightful Carla at the time and we bought each other these adorable pink mugs with handles that made a heart with “amore” written on them. Really, we just wanted them but couldn’t justify buying a mug for ourselves, so we bought them as Valentine’s gifts (we also bough each other Easter baskets. Very good roommate indeed). Cant turn down gifts, now can you? I still to do this day have that mug and love it still. More flowers arrived that day, from our friend Kathleen. She had sent flowers to us single gals to make our day and indeed she did. I wish I was as thoughtful as a friend she was that Valentine’s Day and sent my single girlfriends flowers. (Jotting down things to do in 2012…)

Valentines over the years bring me mixed emotions. Yes I want to celebrate love, but not just on the 14th day of February. And I don’t want it to just be about Jason and me. I want us to look outside of our relationship and celebrate others. Celebrate the relationships that inspire us. Give other people flowers, because not just people in a couple should get flowers. So, I guess Im more pro than con when it comes to Valentines. I miss getting tiny little cards with a candy typed to it like we did from elementary school (and just saving the one from the boy I had a crush on… even though everyone in a class had to get one from everyone else in the class… doesn’t matter he gave me one). I hope in some shape or form you found fun on this Valentines Day. That you have love in your life, romantic or not, to be thankful for and celebrate it. And not just today, but lots of “random” other days through out this year.

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