When I started out coming up with an idea for my 2011 Project, I wondered how Id actually do it. Last year’s 2010 Project had flickr, that if no one else, my husband checks all the time and noted when I was behind in posting my daily photo. This is partly why I started to blog again. A place to record my 2011 Project and like I said before I need some sort of accountability. Then not long into the new year, Don Miller blogged about making resolutions and not telling anyone. Now, I tend to enjoy what Don Miller has to say (I even have his blogged linked over there on the right hand side of the blog). I own every single one of his books and have his blog on my google reader. However, I read that and thought that it didnt make much sense. Didn’t make me like him or his writing any less. And whats funny to me, he as seemed like a guy whos big on community. So yes, while I do agree with him people need to shut up about their goals and just do them, I know for me, if I didn’t share them, I probably would not be as motivate to do them. Then reading Relevant magazine this month, they talked about resolutions and how to not just set goals but to review yourself mid-year. And to help keep it, you know what they suggested? Start a blog about it! Wonder which one really does work best? I know for me, telling a community of readers helps. Keeping it to myself, I would not be as nearly as motivated to do it. Happy to say that the thank-you note everyday has been going strong this month and I’ll be posting who I wrote notes to come the first of February. Because I enjoy sharing my process with you, fine reader.

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