The weekend surprised me with many, many good things. Friday kicked it off with my shift at Starbucks left me off an hour and half early, giving me bonus time with Jace, which is always nice. The Spring like weather didn’t hurt anything ether. Just makes people happier when its warmer out (me included). Saw that my favorite donut shop in town, Donut World, finally opened their second location near our house! We have yet to go but I was super excited to see all its flags and signs out. Saw our two guys basketball teams play each other. This happens once a season and its fun to cheer one team by their church name, which is of course both of them. Nice to see the guys show some great team work. My parents have been in Costa Rica for a wedding so I haven’t gotten to talk to them like we usually do. They were excited to see iChat worked all the way from Costa Rica. Nice to “see” them and hear about the wedding, they are now safety back in California where they belong.

Saturday brought us another lovely Spring like weather day, so I opened up the windows in the house. Cant remember ever doing that in the house, it was quite lovely. Didn’t take very long for the house to become nice and clean, which meant most of the day enjoying a very clean house. Went to Fresh Market for ingredients for dinner to discover they carry Stone Brewery beer. So glad to be seeing a local brewery from near my hometown making its way across the country. Friends came over to celebrate birthdays over a very yummy Pioneer Women recipe and a sweet movie called “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Sunday we revisited a church and their welcoming song as folks came in was Mumford and Sons Sign No More . Thrilled me to no end to hear that in a church service and they did a decent job at covering it. Dashed from church to a student meeting. Had good conversation and nailed down final details for our upcoming retreat next weekend. Saw Atticus “dance” to Lady Gaga. Oliver and I took a proper Sunday afternoon nap. I played a 106 point three letter word on my Dad on our game of Words with Friends. I never do that and he always wins. Amazing Race is back with a lot of teams that I like. Started this season off which a hard leg, but Im looking forward to it.

See what I mean? Lots of good things.

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