This is the week that is furthest away from my last chemo treatment, so I feel the best, hence the lack of posts. Major side effects week 3 (this week) is my super watery eyes and runny nose. Im a little tired of basically leaking all the time. Wearing eye make-up is a waste, but I try everyday anyways. Even waterproof make-up is no match for this watery eye action I have going on. People who dont see me often ask if Im okay, and I have to explain Im not crying, its just a side effect. Another is my super sore legs, who are a constant side effect. Its like I did a really tough squat work-out but no, just chemo. And my ankles (more often my left one than the right but they both cause trouble) keep swelling for no reason still. After two ultra sounds to make sure there are no blood clots, my PA has said that its a side effect of one of my chemo drugs, Taxotere. But since swelling ankle is a sign of a blood clot (which is a common thing in chemo patients) they have to be safe and ultra sound it, which Im fine with since its pain free.

Less than a week away from last chemo! Im getting more and more excited about it, where as last week I was bit more down that its just a check on the to-do list as a cancer patient. But its a really big check mark off the process I have to go through. We meet with my radiation oncologist, who said if I was seeing her the worst is behind me (once chemo is done). Thats nice to hear someone in the professional world of cancer say. Surgery is August 5th, which I have yet to be nervous about. My mom will be in town to help as I recover which is so nice. Radiation wont start till around a month after surgery because my body has to heal from surgery first. It takes a little longer since my body takes longer to heal because of all the chemo drugs, which wont be totally out of my system for about 6 months, lovely. My radiation will be 33 treatments, which is just shy of 7 weeks. So for 7 weeks, every day, Monday through Friday I will have to go to the cancer center and get radiation. The appointment will be about 30 minutes, the actual radiation is only 2-3. Its mostly getting me on the table in the same position every week that takes up most of the time. First step is me getting my personal mold made, so they know where to point the beams of x-rays and tattoos. Thats right, I get real live tattoos. Not super excited about them, its just not how I thought Id get my first tattoo (kinda like the ultra sounds, not the way I thought Id get my first one).

So, the end is near, I feel it, even though is summer and I wont be done with all this until end of November when it will be chilly. February is when I found the lump and went to the doctor. March 8th is when we were diagnosed. This has been almost a full year of cancer life. Actually, just the hard stuff is over come November. I still will be getting Herceptin every 3 weeks starting in August until April 2014. Thankfully, Herceptin is a no side effect in the loosing hair way, so my hair will start to grow back they say a few months once chemo ends (hoping for chemo curl by Christmas). Once Herceptin is done, I will have surgery to get my port removed, thats when this whole process will be done (besides taking an oral drug for 5 years after treatment ends). Ive enjoyed a hair-free summer, even though its been the coolest summer since moving to North Carolina. Having not to shave has been a really nice perk of chemo, Im not going to lie. Im really looking forward to my hair growing back though.

Ive read other folks who are also going through chemo treatment who have been delayed getting chemo due to low counts. Thankfully that has not happen to me once. Havent need a blood transfusion ether, which is a common thing for chemo patients. So thankful that I have not had to delay and have stayed on schedule, so keep praying and send good vibes my way that come Wednesday I do get my last chemo treatment. I have special non-alcoholic bubbly to celebrate the week of chemo, real celebration (ie runny eggs) will have to wait till the end of August. So if you’d like to celebrate with me, having something bubbly next Wednesday the 17th and we’ll have a collective cheers to the end of chemo.

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