Today was the first day of getting a different ‘type’ of radiation. What that means is that all this time, they have be radiating my whole breast/left side of my neck to make sure they zapped any tiny cancer cells that might be hanging out in those areas. For the rest of my treatment, I will be getting what they call “a boost”. Im not getting any more radiation than I was before, Im just getting it in one constrained area. This area being were my scar is, where they look the lump out. Studies have shown that if there has been reassurance, its usually in that area, which is why they zone in on it at the end. Instead of the radiation machine rotating around me like it has been, this treatment is only 3 places (rather than 8) so its much quicker than my previous appointments.

While waiting to meet with my doctor today, I sat with another women whom I share a doctor with. First thing she said to me was about how much hair I had. Compared to her, yes I do have quite a lot of hair. I remember being in her stage, bald, but feeling like you had so much hair with a few dozen or so sprouts. I tired to encourage her it took 7 weeks for me to see any hair growth after chemo. She is about a month behind me in treatment. We had the same chemo drugs. Even though she is a Mom of two teenagers, its amazing how instantly we had so much to talk about.

My radiation oncologist was very impressed on how my skin has handled all the radiation. The skin change I have had is pretty minor in what she has seen, which to me is encouraging. My neck discoloring will start to go away since they are not radiating that area anymore. I got a new tube of my radiation gel to get my through these last few weeks of radiation. Which, if my appointments we’re as quick as today, these next few should fly by and radiation will be over before I know it.

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