Got some “volume” going on this update! I have actually style my hair into a little faux hawk every once in a while. Not sure what to do with it otherwise, its still pretty dang short. Keeping up on the biotin, which I do believe it helping. Im actually hoping the biotin is helping my nails more so than my hair.

hair 1


hair 3
(17 weeks post chemo/Nov 1st, 18 weeks post chemo/Nov 8th and 4 months post chemo/Nov 15th)

Clearly we forgot to take a hair growth photo – so I added a photo I took that week, of my faux hawk. Being busy once again with normal life, not cancer stuff, is so life giving. May not update the hair growth as often (like take a photo every week) after this point. Maybe more like every few weeks or a month. We shall see.

hair 2

hair 4

Last time I updated on my nails was about a month ago, and its been a good month. Looking back on my nails, they are way better than they have been – but I just miss having actual nails. Needless to say, they are still not pretty looking, but there is not as much white like last month. The white is dead nails. They are still pretty frail, so they break easy and why they are still so very short.

Photo Nov 21, 4 52 22 PM

Photo Nov 21, 4 52 29 PM

These photos we’re taken yesterday (November 21st) while waiting on my radiation oncologist, hence the hospital gown background. It was my one month radiation follow up visit with her. She said my skin was healing beautifully (honestly I dont see much more needing to be healed but Im not the doctor). She told me to make sure to wear over 30 spf, if not, I’ll get a nice square of red pop out of where radiation was if Im out in the sun. Part of me wants to see what that would look like, but me going in the sun wont be happening anytime soon. She asked me what I have been up to this month, I said “Not coming here all the time!” she understood completely and asked how life after treatment is going. She is always a doctor I look forward seeing and gives me hope when I need it most. So thankful for her.

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You look like your Mom when she had short hair!

December 10, 2013 12:18 pm

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