My hair seems to be growing a little quicker, so Im sharing my hair regrowth photos a week early. I have some very kind friends who say I could pull of this style. Im unsure still, I would like to not see any of my head before sporting it. Also, my bottom eyelashes have started to come back. They are super short, but Im putting mascara on them anyways cause I have missed them so much.

DSC_0022 copy
DSC_0024 copy
(top bottom: Two months post chemo/September 20th, 12 weeks post chemo/27th and 13 weeks post chemo/October 4th)

DSC_0023 copy
DSC_0025 copy

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Great Neckline to compliment your welcome contagious inspiring smile!!!

Love all of you including the arriving hair buds.

October 8, 2013 1:28 pm

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