My last real hair growth and nail update was at the end of November. I really did mean to document my hair growth a bit more often than this. I think I dont because I dont see much of a difference week to week. But every time I see people who I havent seen in 2-4 weeks they certainly do see a difference. Which Im glad for the encouragement of them seeing my hair “so long” because most days I dont see that. Photo Jan 29, 3 37 17 PM
So I dont normally wear my hair like this, but it shows how big/long it is just towel dried (my blow dryer still is packed away, I dont see a big need to pull it out yet).
Jan 29th (6.5 months post chemo) compared to the first time I could do a frohawk on November 8th (4 months post chemo)

And Im finally started to see some curl! Or more so wave happening in the back.
Photo Jan 29, 3 39 43 PM

Slowly but surely, my hair is coming back. I have meet new people who had no idea I went through cancer life, they just thought I have a super short haircut which is an accomplishment to me. No longer look like I was once bald. Still not sure how to “wear” my hair and I desperately try to my hair in the back into a tiny pony tail. That will be my next accomplish, hair in a pony tail, no matter how tiny it is.

Photo Jan 29, 3 46 29 PM

Photo Jan 29, 3 47 00 PM

Jan 29th vs July 26th so about 6 months later…

I feel like my nails look SO much better lately. Not completely back to normal but I think they’ll return sooner than I expected. The biotin has been working well I would say. I add biotin to the list of things to buy for friends going through chemo – so they have it when its over to help their hair grow back quicker.

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Look at all your hair! Looking good, my friend. And your nails look so much better 🙂 thank you for sharing these updates.

January 31, 2014 9:45 am

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