Hope you all had as full and lovely Thanksgiving as I did. Thanksgiving day was spent with some dear friends, just the 4 of us. Nice, quite and full of good food. Then later I went Black Friday shopping (for a microwave since I burnt popcorn in our old one and it has not been the same since) with other friends. Then we had second Thanksgiving with another set of friends, in which I had my first ever fired turkey and more delicious food. I do think all of this Thanksgiving food for many days on end (we love us some Thanksgiving leftovers) didnt settle well with my tummy. Broke out some Zofran from my box of chemo meds and spend a lot of time in bed not feeling too hot. Apparently this year has conditioned me that when I dont feel well, I blog. This not feeling well of course had nothing to do with chemo or side effects. I actually was a bit frustrated I felt sick at all, because, I think I paid my dues to sick days for 2013 thankyouverymuch.

Last Wednesday was herceptin day. I thought it would be quite in the chemo room with Thanksgiving and all, but that was not the case. Jason came with me, this is first time to an infusion! We’ve had so many wonderful friends come with me so he wouldnt have to take time off of work when I get treatment. He had Wednesday off, so it was nice to have him with me. His comment about getting herceptin was mainly how giant the needle is that they use. I guess it is kinda huge, but it simply doesnt faze me anymore. My nurse told me that some women feel bad after getting herceptin, to which I was kinda surprised by this statement. Herceptin has been fine for me, I dont feel wiped out like I did on my other two (taxotere and carbo) chemo drugs. However, a few weeks ago when we were doing yard work I felt like I got really tired a lot quicker than I would of before treatment. I didnt know it was being seriously out of shape or the herceptin (since herceptin can be hard on my heart).

The house has been decorated for Christmas, which makes me happy. I sit here by the glow of the Christmas tree typing up this post. We get an ordainment every year that represents that year, and of course something breast cancer was this year. Needless to say, it was no easy task finding a breast cancer ordainment that wasnt screaming pink. Thankfully, etsy came through with this sweet little number – two love birds, the girl’s wing being a breast cancer ribbon.
This Christmas, my parents and brother will be coming to North Carolina this Christmas, which Im excited about because its their first Christmas here. Im sad not to be going to California (cancer bills certainly ate away at any plane ticket money we had), defrosting a bit and seeing friends and family. But it will be nice to not travel and experience Christmas at home with my family.

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Love the ornament, I’m glad you were able to find something that wasn’t too over the top. I’m excited to hear that your fam is going to see you for Christmas too! I’ll miss seeing you though 🙂

December 4, 2013 10:42 pm

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