Currently, Im in the middle of unpacking. Im stopping to blog since as my husband said “Im going to change your blog title to ‘Every Few Days’ if you don’t blog again soon.” We arrived back in North Carolina late last night and woke up thankfully to a pretty easy day. Right now my body is totally confused on what time it actually is. Hopefully jet-lag leaves us soon.

We were gone these past two weeks to my home town in California spending a lot of time eating, seeing family, eating, sleeping in once our bodies switched from east coast to west coast time, eating, sitting around and more eating. And my gosh do I already miss California food. Jason had a proper (aka hole in the wall) Mexican food this trip and understands now why I say I cant get real Mexican food in North Carolina. He was also impressed with the mass amount you got for not much money. We of course had In N Out as our first meal once landed. Sadly, that was the one and only time we had In N Out. We did double up at eating at Cessy’s (the proper Mexican restaurant) and Tip Top Meats twice. Tip Tops is a fantastic German market and restaurant in town (I highly recommend the sausage plate). We also had a fish taco from Rubio’s, slurpees from 7-11 Super Donut and Hot Dog on a Stick. My parents don’t go out much these days so we had many nights in with very tasty homemade (but not low fat in any shape or form) meals. Im afraid of the weight I have probably gain but don’t plan on attempting on losing until after my birthday weekend, cause who wants to be on any sort of diet on their birthday?

Usually with this trip, we come a week or so before Christmas, which means the family stuff is towards the end of our trip. With this one, we came really close to Christmas, which meant all the family stuff was at the start. Traditional day spent at Grandma’s with the rest of my Dad’s brother and sisters, and all of their kids. My brother came down from San Jose for Christmas – it was super to see him (he even let me play with iPad some). Then my Aunt and Uncle from Canada came down to celebrate my other Grandma’s birthday which is just a few days past Christmas. It was a wonderful week of celebrating with my family I miss so much.

Jason and I took a couple of day trips since it was our vacation for the year together. First one we took was to the San Diego Zoo to see hippos! I was very excited to see hippos since I had not seen one up close and in person since my love for hippos started many moons ago. The rest of the zoo was also great – so many animals! The other day trip we took together was to LA to visit Paramount Studios. We ate at Mario Batali’s pizzeria before our tour which was of course was amazing. We had, what is now known as my #2 dessert Butterscotch budino, Maldon sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies. Yum. After licking my spoon clean, we headed to Paramount for a tour which was great. We had toured the WB a few years ago so were on the fence if we were going to get as much out of the Paramount tour but we did learn more things and even saw some actors from Community and Glee! That was probably most exciting, next to being able to go on the Community set. Our tour guide was great (and who my #3 thank you note goes to) and helped point out the guy from Glee, otherwise I would of miss him completely. Before meeting up with friends for dinner, we visited (for me) the Father of the Bride House and (for Jason) Nakatomi Plaza – gotta love LA. We meet up with my old friend Laura and Jason’s friend in Burbank. Wonderful time with old and new friends, even worth the long late drive home that had us getting back at midnight but we both felt it was worth it.

Those are some of the highlights of the trip. I got to catch up with some friends as well and just take in California. It was a wonderful break from the cold. While our Carolina friends enjoyed a White Christmas and told us we were missing it –we didn’t think that at all in the 60 degree weather. It wasn’t nearly as sad to leave this time as its been in the past. Not sure if it was just time after two weeks or what it was. I still miss and want to go back to California someday, but for now Im glad to be calling North Carolina home.

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