Currently Im in the place between surgery and radiation, waiting for my body to heal up from surgery. My oncologist’s new PA checked my incisions and said they were healing quite nicely, which was encouraging to hear. However that only feed to my idea that maybe radiation will start sooner than the first week of September since Im healing so speedy. Next Thursday I meet again with my radiation oncologist, where I hope to get some dates put in my calendar of when I will get my mold and tattoos, along with a start date.

Yesterday I was at the cancer center for the first time in 3 weeks. Needless to say, I didnt miss going to the cancer center every week but its always nice when I am there. Everyone, from the lady who checks me in to the infusion nurse are so kind to me. Got my herceptin, which I get every 3 weeks until April of 2014. A lot of people have asked about this since chemo is done. While herceptin is a chemo drug, its not one with side effects of hair loss or making my feel bad. It goes after my HER2 receptor that my cancer has, and its a year long treatment. So when I finish radiation this Fall, I will be still be going to the cancer center until April (when my port comes out, thats the victory line being crossed). I will start my estrogen pill that I will have to take for 5 years. So the big stuff, the big 3 check marks: chemo, surgery and radiation, those will be done within a few months.

The rash I developed after surgery is still sticking around. The first rash, ones that were clearly from the tape they used, have sub-sided but I itch right below my neck and left arm with no real signs of an actual rash. I use itch cream that helps temporarily, I hope for it to be gone by the time radiation starts (itching with a sun-burn doesnt sound like much fun). Also this week I have a sore throat. Someone asked me what that is a side effect from and I think its simply just catching some sort of cold. Sore throat has lessoned and turned into a cough off and on. This is the first time this year I have been “sick” like normal, not related to cancer. Its kinda strange to be honest. Ive been sick a lot, but in a not normal way. Not that I am enjoying this cough/sore throat, but its almost comforting to have something I know. My counts came back normal, so I dont have an infection thankfully, just you know a common everyday cold of some sort that will work itself out. And my immune system has recovered from chemo enough that it can fight it well on its own.

This morning I started a hair system (just shampoo, conditioner and a foam) that I have read from other chemo patients that helped their hair grow back quicker. Ive really missed my hair a lot this past month, so I am willing to try it! This system is for thinning hair that has been chemically treated. Sounds about right for my head. Basically it helps awaken the hair facials to help simulate growth. Some hair never fell out, and those sprouts have grown some since, making the hair I do have look a lot like baby hair. Im going to star taking a photo of my hair growth, capturing it once a week or so. I’ll of course share it with you all from time to time. Some people have also commented how I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes. I do still have them, yes, but they have certainly thinned out. I dont mind this so much with my eyebrows, my eyelashes are certainly not as thick as they once were. There are spots where there are not any eyelashes. Thankfully, its not really noticed able to most people. Jason and my Mom noticed it, and maybe now that I have shared it, you all will look closer and noticed. And since those are slower growing hairs, they will take the longest to grow back. My nails haven’t fallen off. After I cut them much shorter after they raised off the nail bed, they stopped raising as much which is nice since they were catching on things and it hurt a lot. Now they have started to break of were the white part (dead part I assume) of the nail is, making them very very short. But as the kind technician who took my blood through my finger tip yesterday, said after seeing my nails “They’ll grow back”.

So Im just in a waiting period as I heal and wait for radiation to start. Feels really good to have the hair stuff behind me, ready to get the last bit over with.

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