Jason and I dated for 5 years before we got married. Getting married felt long over due, a place we’re we felt our relationship should be. Marriage adds a whole new layer to your relationship, uncharted waters, even if you feel like you know each other well. You relationship gets stretched and tried in ways you didnt think it could. You look to your partner for comfort and answers. Sometimes they are just as worried as you are. Sometimes they are the hope in the hard days. Today, Jason and I celebrate 4 years of marriage. Cancer is not kind to marriages. But through all the storms that cancer can put a marriage through, Im happy Jason is the one walking along side me in this journey. This has been a terribly hard road for him, in some ways I think its been harder for him than me. I couldn’t imagine watching him go through the very things I have experienced this past year without crazy amounts of fear and worry. He has from the start of this reaffirmed in me that he thinks Im beautiful no matter how much my body or appearance may chance. He has sat with me as I have cried many times from be so tired of chemo to wishing I had my hair back.

I walked down the isle to Sandra McCracken’s “All The Miles” because it talks about distance. And we spent a lot of our pre-married life long distance so it was fitting. For the wedding, we changed the last line from “and holds us when our hearts, they break.” to “and holds us with these vows we make” to make it a little more wedding friendly. Listening to the song again today, feels fitting for the original lyrics and all, to what I have called our “in sickness and in health year”. Thank you Jason, for walking the distance another day with me. For being stretched thin but not letting us give way. I love you, Jason. Heres to having no claim on the future and many more roller coaster rides of life with you.

All The Miles by Sandra McCracken

All the miles between us
they say that’s just the way it goes
time is no friend to lovers
stretched like the line that hangs the clothes
but we walk the distance another day
the rope is thin but does not give way

And I can hear the band of angels singing now
like a story from the page is read aloud
but this is not make believe

It grows up like wildflowers
free and restless with the wind
I don’t half recognize myself
in this condition that I’m in
cause it’s like a shelter above my head
and it turns the sky and moon to red

And I can hear the band of angels singing now
like a story from the page is read aloud
but this is not make believe

I’d rather have the mystery and the madness and the rains
cause hell’s the only place you can be free of all love’s pain

I have no claim on the future
so here I lay me down
and God is a friend to lovers
he makes the bone, the flesh, the ground
and he walks with us, make no mistake
and holds us when our hearts, they break



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What a beautiful post – I remember that day with such a heart full of joy! Love you both – Happy 4th Anniversary!!!

October 17, 2013 11:17 am

That made me cry! (Not that it’s terribly difficult to make me cry!) Blessings on you & your marriage!

October 17, 2013 2:04 pm


October 17, 2013 10:08 pm

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