You know how when you to the grocery store and get something that you already have a full container of at home? Well that happened to me with yogurt. And not those cute cups you take in your lunch, Im talking the big tub of yogurt. As much as we love yogurt in this house, I knew I had to find something to use yogurt up before it went bad. So I searched the great Google and mostly curry or Greek food came up. Wasn’t in a spicy mood and fresh out of lamb so I tuned to the sweet side of things and found Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt Cake . Ive never really liked her much but she can make some good desserts. And thankfully I had everything on hand for this super easy cake. Other than a lemon for the lemon zest, to which I just used lemon juice.

While the cake was in the oven (for almost an hour, sheesh. Felt like a long time for a loaf size cake to be in the oven) the recipe called for a lemon and sugar glaze to be made. I wasn’t feeling the glaze, I wanted something lighter so I grabbed some berries from my freezer.

If you don’t keep frozen fruit in your freezer, you really should. Got me through the winter months and now that Spring is here, the fruit has just started to get some flavor back. I know I shouldn’t get fruit out of season, trust me I can taste the difference. This is why Im saying frozen fruit – win win.

All I did was pour maybe a cup or so of blackberries into a pot and let them reduce a bit. Oh and small sprinkle of sugar, cause I have a bad sweet tooth. Im sure it would have been perfectly find without the sugar.

The cake was done and my goodness did it smell good. I love making my house smell good by baking, so a lemon cake did just the trick.

Isnt it so pretty? Heavenly just looking at it.

Took a small slice because you know, I started to make this before my dinner. This is what happens when Jason goes plays a show. I don’t act like the reasonable wife that I usually am. But that’s what being an adult is all about right? Getting to have dessert first? At least that’s what I told myself as a kid…

I kinda dumped a lot of berries on this tiny piece but I really like berries. I probably could of just had a bowl full of reduced warmed berries and called it a night.


And nom.

Oh and for dinner? Rolled spinach lasagna. I always cook vegetarian when Jason is gone as well.

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We’re out of lamb?!

April 17, 2011 1:51 am

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