Last year at a youth conference they gave us free subscription to Relevant magazine. I used to get Relevant along time ago when it first came out. Im not sure why lead me to not keep my subscription going but Ive rather enjoyed getting it again. Ive discovered new authors (such as Rachel Held Evens) and witty interviews Ive enjoyed. They also seem to be talking about things in the church that Ive been thinking about, but thats a whole other thing for a whole other time. Needless to say, Ive liked getting Relevant so much that Im putting it on my wish list.

Its during this time of year I start making a Christmas/Birthday wish list. Maybe its because my birthday isnt spread out in the year, away from Christmas. Instead just its 18 days after Christmas. And thankfully everyone respects the fact Christmas and my birthday are two different holidays so they are honored with two separate presents. I had a boyfriend once who thought it was awesome my birthday was so close to Christmas so he would only have to get my one present. Needless to say we are no together, it may or not be because of that.

Anyway, back to Relevant. This month they had a rather good article with Switchfoot. Im a bit biased I will admit being I grew up on Switchfoot with Jon and Tim walking around church since, oh, their Dad is the pastor at my church in California. Besides that, I have always enjoyed Jon’s song writing and hes such a thinker. I think the guy should write a book someday. I wanted to share some thoughts, quotes really, from the article with you all:

“Thats how I feel every morning – some mornings more than others, there’s a bunch of crap that the oceans of our minds leave up on the high tide line for us to figure out. That particular day I was wrestling with a bunch of stuff. There was so many things personally and in the news that are just really hard for me to deal with.” -About writing the song ‘Vice Verses’

“We are creatures of comfort, and we’ve so quick to forget the pain of hunger once we have a meal in our stomach. Im throwing myself in this category too. Its a travesty how quickly we forget these things.”

“The goal of the Western church should not be to get the government to do what the Church should be doing all along, but rather to be the Church and do what the Church is called to do, which is mainly give cups of water to Christ, give food to Christ. Its one of those things where, until we see the homeless lady on the corner and treat her like we treat Christ, then were just going to keep lobbying for some other form of justice, but justice cant just be totally lobbied for – its something you live.” – Tim Foreman

“We’ve spent far too much time talking bout being Christians or what it means to be a Christian and not enough time actually being a Christian and showing people through action what being a Christian actually looks like…”-Tim Foreman

“I feel like the next generation has a wide-open view of the world and is ready to try and actually change things and is stupid or bold enough to try. That gives me a lot of hope.”

If you ever see my journals (you know, when I die someday and my future children has somehow made it public. With a blog titled “Things my Mom wrote down”) it is most words from other people. I have gotten better about writing my own thought next to words I have liked from other people. Mostly this happens when Im taking notes at church (only way I know I will pay attention the whole time) and I write something down that has been said then add my own commentary. All that to say, I agree with Jon (and Tim) about the Church and have been thinking about that. I agree with this next generation and Im honored to watch them grow up with this boldness he speaks of. So glad there are people out there who know how to put my thoughts into words so much better than myself.

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